Common Features
  • This is the message that your customer hears when they call your Bizphone number. The customized greeting creates the first impression on your business and also confirms to customer that they have called the right number. The customized message can be played in a professional’s voice which will be recorded by a voice artist ( Please inform sales if you want it recorded) or It can be played in Text to Speech(TTS) translation done by a machine ( only for English language). In TTS, you can type out the Greeting message in English and we will convert it to an audio file and play to your customers.
  • Virtual assistant/IVR provides various options to choose for your customer and connects the call to right person in the organization based on customer choice for e.g. Press 1 to reach sales, Press 2 to connect to support. You can easily configure the Virtual assistant for your business using the Bizphone administrator portal.
  • You can configure virtual assistant to connect the call to various departments in your organization. Each department will have multiple employees( Extensions) to whom we will connect the call either in round robin fashion or on priority basis.
  • Single Bizphone number can receives multiple calls from multiple customers at the same time and connect them back to multiple phone numbers configured to receives the calls. With Bizphone your customer never gets busy message for your Bizphone number.
  • Bizphone allows you to block the numbers from which you do not want to receive the calls from,e.g. you can configure not to receive marketing calls from 140 series numbers. Bizphone will immediately drop the calls as they are received, shielding your team from getting Nuisance calls, preventing distractions and thus improving productivity.
  • Bizphone plays back a hold music file while it tries to connect the call to right person in your organization. You have a choice to get a good music recorded with marketing messages or a customized Jingle which represents your business..
  • Bizphone number creates an identity for your Business, while it allows all your customers to remember just one number to reach anyone in the organization. It also allows all the team members, whose numbers are configured with Bizphone to dial out call through it. As an entrepreneur this gives you total control over your business communication. This also helps to consolidate your telecom expenses.
  • Bizphone has built-in text to speech engine. For you it means that you can change the Welcome messages and IVR options anytime. Our system will convert the text messages set by you to voice and playback to your customers in real-time.
  • Bizphone also offers Android app, that can be downloaded from App Market for free. As an owner of the organization the apps gives you the control of Bizphone on your phone. For more details Read >>
  • For mobiles other than Android, Bizphone can be accessed from its mobile portal thus Enabling access to your Business communication Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Bizphone allows you to proactively react to a customer calls that is not answered for some reason. Missed call SMS alerts enable you to revert back to the customer in real-time.
  • Bizphone enables you to record all business communication, so as a Business Owner you have complete access to how your team is responding back to your customers. Recordings are also a good method to use as a proof of any verbal commitment done over phone, or review the discussion to get the details discussed on the call.
  • Bizphone dash board gives you a single view of calls made and received by your Business. Call details report provide the details of each call in real-time, it provides status of the calls, duration, time of calls, details of all the phone number in the department that were tried to connect a call and call recording
  • Everyday call details report is emailed to your business account, giving the snapshot of calls for that day.
  • Bizphone is a single system that offers all that is needed by Business for phone communication. With Bizphone you can send and receive Fax as PDF. Also you are charged for the duration of call while receiving and sending fax, instead of pages.
  • Bizphone also enables a conference bridge for your organization. It allows multiple people to dial-in and have a discussion. You can create multiple conference bridges with a unique welcome message for each. Bizphone portal gives a real-time view of parties in the call, and also allows to mute, unmute and disconnect any participants from the conference.
  • This feature allows you to integrate your Bizphone with your website so that your customers can call for free. When a customer enters his number in your website and clicks to call, the Bizphone system will connect to the customer phone and play the same IVR that is played for incoming calls. Based on the option selected, customer is connected to the right employee.
Enterprise Plan Features
  • In SME plan telephony lines are shared across multiple Bizphone customers.In Enterprise plan telephony lines are dedicated to your business.
  • In SME plans telephony lines are shared across multiple customer. Enterprise plan telephony lines are dedicated to you.
  • Based on your business requirement we offer a custom plan and volume based discounted call pricing. For SME customer only mode of payment allowed is online through Bizphone portal. For only Enterprise customers collections are done offline either in cheque or via RTGS.
  • If you are planning to run a simple inside sales, Bizphone can help your team to be more productive with click to Dial. This feature allows agents to login to Bizphone portal with individual login and dial out to customers, by pasting/typing the number in click to dial widget. Bizphone automatically places a call to agent, once agent picks call is dialed to the customer. Agent call is immediately bridged while the call is dialed to the customer, so he can directly hear the messages/ring tone played back by the customer phone such as customer ring back tone, busy message, call disconnected by customer etc.
    Click to dial improves productivity by allowing agent to quickly make call from his computer and avoid any dialing errors. This also enables you as a business owner to measure productivity of the outbound call process and also your agents.
Custom Features
  • Bizphone by default allows only two level of IVR first for language selection, second for selecting the department. if you have a requirement for a multilevel IVR, or an IVR that can integrate with your backend, Bizphone supports Kookoo platform integration. Any IVR can be developed with Kookoo API’s and can be integrated with Bizphone for connecting the call to multiple departments. While we encourage customer to develop their own app using Kookoo API, we are always available to build one for you in case you do not have a development team or want it to be quickly developed.Please contact our sales team if you have any such requirement.
  • Bizphone provides API that allows you to integrate it with your CRM, for tracking every call holistically. API allows pushing the call details directly into your CRM whenever a call is received so that you can maintain a track of all calls a customer has done to your business.